Hi Bonnie,

I just wanted to Thank-you again for my beautiful baby senegal (Madison).  Having never done anything like this before I was not sure what to expect, but talking to you made my decision easy.  I was a bit of a pest with all my e-mails but you always took the time to answer me back and answer all my questions.

I still cannot believe that she traveled so well, having come from Maple Ridge to Abbotsford then to Calgary and all the way down to Lethbridge, about 6 hours.  Other than being very hungry, she was fine.

Well we have had her a month now and I cannot think what I did before we got her, she is a very important part of the family and has adjusted very well,  I am still feeding her twice a day, some times she's a glutton and other times she is not.  She eats lots of beans and veggies and love oranges.

I potty trained her, she still has a very mishaps once in awhile but is very good, she loves to lay on her back and get her chin scratched.  Still likes to sleep in my hand, spends a lot of time on my shoulder has gotten use to the vacuum and blow dryer.

Has had a trip to the vet's and everyone fell in love with her, we do not have a bird vet down here, but Jacob does all the birds in the area, he is very good, does all the birds from the big refuge out in Coaldale.  Otherwise it is a 2 hour drive to Calgary.

We will send some pictures when I finish the film.



Lethbridge, Alberta

Baby, is doing awesome.  What a sweetie.  He is saying Good Boy over and over. :)  We are working on Step up and Step Down.  He just loves to run up my arm and cuddle in my neck.  In time I will let him.  For now I want him to learn his commands first.  But I still cuddle him on my chest. I will forward pictures tonight had to pick up batteries for the camera.  If you don't mind tell the boys we are thinking of naming him after your last name "Sawyer"  You are right you can see him thinking all the time which made me think of Tom
Sawyer and all the jokes he played on people.  I know he is special to you I hope you don't mind the name we picked for him. 
Thank You for such a special guy.

I have known Bonnie for some time now and have acquired quite a few birds from her aviary, both pets and breeders, and I can tell you that every single time I was given exactly what I was told I was getting.  Not only did she produce beautiful birds, but she made sure that I was satisfied with every aspect of them and the transactions.
Bonnie has bent over backwards to get some of the birds to me by making extra trips and finding out information that I had requested, teaching me how to hand feed my own babies, showing me how to deal with emergencies and so many other things that I could spend hours telling you about.  This was even before we became friends-we had only just met!   She did this from the kindness of her heart and because she enjoys seeing people enjoy their birds.

Hello :)

I just wanted to take the time once again and thank Bonnie for another beautiful member of my growing feathered family.

I received a perfectly plump bundle of sweetness in the form of a Senegal who is being adored by everyone in our house here.  We all know about socialization and also to make sure the other flock members do not become jealous.  It is all about equal love here! :) 
Anyway- Bonnie has again provided so much in the way of time and energy to give me all the help I need to make my new family member happy.  I can tell from his health and eagerness to be with us that she loves what she does and has done such a great job of hand feeding this, and all the birds I have brought home from her.

I highly recomend Birds Exotic Aviary to anyone looking for a feathered companion and have done so many times.

Thank you Bonnie! :)
Happy-happy me!
Julie and the flock :)

My name is Lynne Godick and I live in Delta British Columbia.  I have had dealings with Bonnie Sawyer in the past.  She has hand fed my babies and has found good homes for them all.  Bonnie is very knowledgeable about many species of birds and I would not hesitate for her to raise my baby birds again or purchase one from her

Hello, I belong to one of the lists that you advertised on.  I just HAD to take a moment to tell you how beautiful your site is.  The pictures of the babies you have are so captivating. 
As one breeder to another, you do a wonderful job with your babies and just thought I'd pass this along to you.  Keep up the beautiful, hard, loving work.  It certainly shows in the beautiful, healthy babies you have.
            SunShine Aviary

Hi Bonnie

Just want to thank you again for the little conure. We still haven't thought of a name for him after the long car ride. I am sure you are wondering if he
was ok.

He loved the ride!! I couldn't believe it... before we even turned off your street I had put a dish of water out for him and he decided it was a perfect
opportunity to take a bath!! Splashing both Brad and I.

I kept the cage on my lap, covered by a t-shirt. He liked to sit at the open end and watch Brad and I. He ate lots of seeds - raisins are his favorite,
on the drive and took a nap twice. Every bump on the road made his beak hit the side of the cage while he was sleeping so I used my hand to hold him up.

He is now getting used to his new home, quietly looking everywhere. He ate breakfast with us and got a small piece of toast. So I will keep you posted
on him, but for now he seems to be very happy.

Thanks again!

Hi Bonnie!
I thought I would just give you an update on our precious new little love bird. The whole ferry ride back we didn't hear a peep coming from the box, 'he' was so well behaved and just calmly peered at us through the holes in the box. My daughter, Jaiden, kept looking through the little peep hole's saying "Hi Baby." We have yet to come up with an official name but I'm thinking "Baby" might just stick. Jaiden is also quite convinced that Baby is a boy, and since we are unsure of the sex we are calling him the new little man of the house. So far we are on day three of being home with this little beauty and we couldn't be more in love with something so little. The second we got in the door I don't think my boyfriend and Baby left eachother's sides. I am SO impressed with the level of instant trust that this bird had for us, even my 15 month old has been able to spend some one on one time with him. The long trip to Vancouver to pick him up was absolutely worth it and if we ever plan to get another bird there is no doubt in our minds who we are purchaseing it from! I have already passed out your buisness cards out to anyone who might be interested in getting a bird and have offered for them to come see first hand how your professionalism and love for your birds defintley shows through in your animals. Baby is
also infatuated with our Piranhas, he sits and stares at them swimming around and chirps so loudly at them its quite adorable to watch. I can't thank you enough for the newest little member of our family. Take care and all the best wishes,

Dear Bonnie,
I am just writing to tell you that the little conure we got from you has been a blessing.  He is the most adorable, well behaved, affectionate creature.   His name is Just Bob and he goes everywhere with us.  We just love him and thank you for handfeeding him with love, it is obvious he was well treated, by you and your family, before we got him.  Since he is always perched on my shoulder, people always ask me where I got him and, of course, I recommend your business every single time. 
Thanks again, and may your family and business be blessed 

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